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Our Story

Working on Bean Bag Chairs

Wearout's existence started from a Polish lady named Margherita (Maggie for close ones) who grew up in Italy, the capital of fashion, where her utmost passion for fashion and trends was established. Despite her true love for fashion, she always felt like there was a missing ingredient in terms of the fashion industries' core values. While doing her Master's degree, she utilized her design skills to understand how to positively contribute to the fashion industry issues like unused clothes being sent to landfills, as well as supporting the personal needs of consumers. After over a year of design research, involvement with field experts and consumers - the project was born. 

The idea of Wearout came into view during a mentally stimulating discussion with her husband about fashion influencers wearing a garment only for marketing purposes. For Maggie, this was a sudden light bulb moment that inspired her to move forward with Wearout’s concept.

Wearout's potential to challenge the fashion industry to reconsider its values was so inspiring, which led to Maggie’s closest friends encouraging and motivating her to take Wearout to the market. And this is why Wearout exists. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Together, we normalize the idea of renting garments to save our environment.

Our Wearouters

At Wearout we aren't many. But we are proud, passionate and we want to do better - for ourselves, for others and for our planet.

If Wearout resonates with you and you think you can be a good fit for our team, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Margherita Brown

CEO & Founder

Maggie is a full-time mother of Logan

and Wearout. Her background is in Graphic Design and Design Strategy and Innovation.

As a leader of this company, she always gives her best effort. She designs, researches, negotiates, strategizes, and always ready to give us a helping hand.

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Sebastian Lucas

Human Resources 


Seb understands human behaviour.

He is a great friend who encouraged Maggie to believe in herself and to take her Wearout project to the next level.

He gives advice, motivates the team and helps Maggie with the overall business strategy.


We value

We encourage everyone

to have an inquisitive attitude towards our job, approach us and suggest

better ways to run the business.


In return, we will be transparent about our processes and choices.




It is impossible to talk about environmental sustainability without re-thinking economic, health and social sustainability.


Therefore, our brand will place a lot of effort into being fair with our customers, employees, partners, customers and the planet.



We want our customers to feel good to be good. We encourage self-expression and self-care.

We will try to provide inclusive and sustainable brands and sizes, as well as promote

different cultural styles and clothes.

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