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Are you an ambitious, driven and career-minded individual with a strong desire to innovate? Does co-founding a start-up company resonate with your entrepreneurial spirit?

We are looking for a Co-Founder preferably a full-stack developer engineer to join our team.


We would like applicants who aren’t afraid to look at the world differently and have bright ideas to solve world-scale problems. We need candidates with ambition, drive, vision, and commitment to solve tough and sophisticated problems to create a lasting, sustainable impact with our strategic partners. 

Position Requirments

We are looking for an optimistic, hard-working individual who has one or a combination of the following skills in the UK or Europe.


Software/Mobile App Developer


Data visualisation


Knowledge/experience in sustainability 


Business Strategy


UI/UX skills


Knowledge or/and contacts in the fashion industry


Entrepreneurial aspiration

What You Will Gain

Flexible hours

Gain incredible experience

Enhance your CV

Immediate start available

Improve & develop your skillset

Work from home (Part-time role)

Apply Here

You can also email us your CV at

Thanks for submitting!

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