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Shaping the Future, Together

Offering value-for-money with

industry-leading rates, we want

to challenge our business-orientated

competitors and offer an

impact-orientated service.

Wearout is a customer-centric

service that will pave the way for

how all clothing rental services



Service Design

in the Fashion Industry

With service design we involve not only customers but all the parties in our design process. This means that we craft all of our partnership and meet our clients needs. All partnerships will be formed and agreed on through discussion with both parties. Below are three partnership outlines serving as a discussion starting point.

Type A

This partnership is for those that are initially only interested in covering their production costs without aiming to make a profit through our scheme.

Type B

For partners that aim to earn a little extra revenue, we offer the possibility to circulate their items for extra 14 weeks rental once the first phase of 16 weeks rental is covered. 

Type C

With this partnership Wearout aims to boost the visibility of garments and brands we partner with to help them to be recognised and sell.


Our services

What we offer beyond the rental scheme for out partners.


Test your products

When we think about benefits for our partners we believe in offering them the ability to test products and gain consumer feedback data before entering production commitments. 


Customers data

Our programme gives on-demand access to consumers consumption preferences and behaviours. The data will be collected from all our users and anonymously stored. Data will contain users' previous rental items and body sizes.


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