• Hazel Verbo

4 Top Tips to Break Down Your Fast Fashion Habits

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry. And according to the United Nations (UN), it is also the second biggest polluter. Around half a million tonnes of microfibre from clothing is now being dumped into the ocean every year, the same as three million barrels of oil.

Our love for clothes

Even in the average household, it is estimated that the amount of new clothing bought by one family in a year gives off the same amount of emissions as driving a car for 6,000 miles. And to make it, it takes enough water to fill 1,000 bathtubs.

Our love of clothes is also contributing to plastic pollution, with one wash load of polyester clothes sending up to 700,000 microplastic fibres back into the environment.

But do we at least appreciate our clothes once we have bought them?

Well, we send around £140 million of our clothes to landfill every single year. And one in six of us have as many as five items in our wardrobe that we have never even worn.


While some low-income communities cannot completely avoid fast fashion, there are multiple ways to decrease and break the habit. So, here are some top tips on how to break your fast fashion habits.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get More Wear Out Of Your Clothes Even extending the life of your garments by less than a year can make a big difference. If half of us wore our clothes for an extra nine months, we could cut carbon emissions by 8%.

  2. Get Second-Hand Shopping Charity shops save over 300,000 tonnes of old clothes from landfill each year and online sites where you can buy, sell or swap used clothing are more popular than ever.

  3. Watch Your Washing It takes nearly 4,000 litres of water to wash a single pair of jeans over their lifetime. Simply thinking twice about stuffing things in the wash that you have only worn once can reduce the impact your clothes have on the environment, as can washing on a lower temperature. And finally…

  4. Get Savvy With Your Shopping If you are buying new clothes, see which stores have made commitments to combating fast fashion (just like Wearout Rental). Some shops are using more recycled material, whereas others offer lifetime repair services or even vouchers for bringing in your old clothes.

After all, fashion does not have to just be about looking good – it is also about doing good too.