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How Fashion is Used to Express Our Personal Identity

Once, we were all dressed by our parents who picked out a T-shirt; the school dictated what colour our trousers should be. But at some point, we were granted the opportunity to discover who we might be in the world of clothes.

The Language of Garments

We had to decide for ourselves about collars and necklines, fit, colours, patterns, textures and what goes or doesn’t with what. We learn to speak about ourselves in the language of #garments. Despite the potential silliness and exaggeration of sections of the #fashion industry, assembling a #wardrobe is a serious and meaningful exercise.

Based on our looks or background, others are always liable to come to quick and not very rounded decisions about who we are. This has become especially heightened due to social media usage. Too often, their judgement doesn’t quite get us right.

The overall image is the very first impression that people see and of course, tells a long story about who you are. And so, we want to make sure that your true self is shining through.

Every morning when we get up, one of the first things that comes to our mind is:

  • What are we wearing today?

  • Who will we be seeing?

  • What will we be accomplishing on that day?

So, it is incredibly important to go through that decision process in a healthy way. If you have a cluttered closet, the same colour of outfits and if you’re repeating yourself in your outfits, then you are not giving the right message. The message you are communicating with your clothing is very important for your success and your confidence.


It is incredibly important how to #style yourself and how to reflect your #lifestyle to your environment and social situations. Whether you are confident, sophisticated, or conservative, it’s all about how you portray yourself. And portraying your true self in your style really helps your mental health too.

The question you want to ask about fashion is:

Are you wearing your past, are you wearing your present or are you wearing your future?

Because if you are wearing your future, you’re probably going to a job interview, and you want to portray who you want to be when you are at that job. Or if you are wearing your past, how did you come to the position that you are in right now? And if you are wearing your present, you are in a position where you give the message that you are confident with the current position you are in.

Where to find good quality clothing items?

If you have a well-trained eye, you can easily spot high-quality classic clothing at any thrift stores, or even fast fashion stores. To find garments that will last for a long time, opt for clothing that is made of 100% #natural #fibres. Not only are natural fibres good for your skin, they are normally #biodegradable too which is great news if you want to compost your clothing.

Stray away from #synthetic garments as they usually cause irritation of the skin, and are also made from #plastic which means it will take hundreds of years to biodegrade. However, if you manage to find clothing that is made of durable synthetic fabric, then by all means try and #reuse them as much as possible. This is the concept that our company, Wearout, is implementing to #reduce the amount of clothes being dumped into the landfill.

As much as possible, try to build a capsule wardrobe and stick to neutral colours as these clothes tend to be paired better with almost everything. Avoid bright, neon clothes with sequins if you want to be more flexible with fashion.

What fashion #tips do you recommend to #prolong your wardrobe? Leave your comment below!

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