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How To Better Save Money By Going Green

There is a common misconception that when you try to be more eco-friendly, it is going to end up costing you a fortune. When the reality is actually the opposite. Many eco-friendly choices are also budget-friendly choices. They happily go hand in hand.

So with this list, we wanted to share some of the top ways that you can live a greener way of life, while also saving money!


Not only is bottled water ridiculously expensive, but the amount of plastic usage is through the roof. Marketing has to lead us to believe that we need to spend our well-earned money on expensive bottles of water in order to be healthy, when the reality is, tap water is still drinking water. And surprisingly, bottled water is usually no better than tap water. You can get yourself a water filter or distiller to ensure your drinking water is fresh and safe, and most likely better for your health than the majority of bottled water on the market. You can then get yourself a reusable water bottle (this is my one) to use when you're out and about. Sadly, most plastic bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills, or worse, in our oceans. So save some cash, while saving the environment, and ditch the bottled water.


Not only does it save huge amounts of money to eat at home, rather than eating out, ordering takeaway, or buying pre-packaged meals, but it will inevitably save on plastic packaging and be a whole lot more energy-efficient. Plus, your body will thank you for it!


When your devices are fully charged, unplug them. When you're not using your TV, switch it off. When you leave a room, turn off the light. Sometimes we can get a little lazy switching off our devices and forgetting to unplug them, but over time, this can make a big difference to your electricity bill, and to the environment.


Got a wedding and nothing to wear? Ask a friend! Want to read a new book you've heard a lot about? Ask a friend! Nowadays we are so quick to just buy something when we need it, that we forget to ask. Often these are also things we'll only use once, so borrowing is a great option that will make you more environmentally friendly and save a lot of money in the long run.


Save trees and save money. Use online banking, save important files and photos on your hard drive, switch to email subscriptions over paper ones, or sign up to streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, or Audible. These simple switches end up being more affordable in the long run, for example, some banks are now charging for paper statements, and save on physical items like paper, books, or DVDs eventually ending up in landfills.


Clothes no longer need to be washed in hot water in order to get clean. There are plenty of eco-friendly brands suggesting to wash your clothes on a colder cycle that will save on your bills, as well as the environment.


Instead of driving to work, cycle or walk instead. Not only will you be getting some time outdoors and moving your body, but over time you'll save on transport costs and vehicle emissions. Not to mention maintenance, insurance and tax are far cheaper or non-existent for a bike or when walking compared with a car.


Not only is meat expensive, but it's damaging to the environment. In fact, reducing your meat consumption will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Incorporating more vegan and vegetarian meals during your week will cut some costs while helping out the earth, and the animals.


And when you're buying food for your vegan and vegetarian meals, try purchasing seasonal fruit and veg. Buying in season means you're purchasing food at the peak of its supply. It, therefore, costs less for the farmer to harvest, and less time and distance to get to your grocery store. In turn, you get to enjoy food that is at its tastiest, healthiest, and cheapest! Win-win!


In the UK, we now have to pay for plastic bags at the shops. Which is a great incentive to encourage all of us to bring our own bags! Less plastic bag usage means less plastic in landfills and our ocean causing harm to our earth and its animals.

And that's it! If you start making these simple switches, you'll surely save a significant amount of money in the long run. Let us know in the comments what your favorite ways are to save money while being more eco-friendly in the process.

We'd love to hear from you, and we can all help each other save some cash while saving the planet!
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