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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Normalising the idea of de-owning clothing

When fast fashion became extremely popular in the early 2000’s, the idea of successfully establishing a sustainable rental clothing business venture was thought to be impossible to sustain in the long term. And there were many small rental service companies in the past that had gone down to failure. However, times have now changed.


Consumers are slowly becoming more involved in sustainability and going against the fast fashion industry. Many are favouring the trend of reusing vintage clothing with the likes of Depop and Vinted. People are slowly waking up to the brutal truth of the fast fashion industry.


While we are in the midst of going through the global pandemic situation, we believe NOW is the perfect time for us to transform our consumption behaviour from owning garments to accessing them for a limited usage time. 


In this transition era, It is crucial to fill the gap in rental services to accelerate this transition and build a trustworthy relationship between users and service providers. Owning a product brings some responsibilities for the user. It is also undeniable that a garment's lifetime could be even longer than our life, however, we are just owning them to use for a range of one year to 5 years in our lifetime so it will be a safe and wise decision to not accepting the ownership of the items and just rent them.


Wearout, with a human-centred approach, is responsible for all the phases of the garment's lifecycle care, such as greenwash, preservation and maintenance, resale and end of life; when people buy the clothes, they need to pay attention to all these aspects that are not accessible and easy for everyone. Wearout’s unique way of handling garments leads to further extending the active lifecycle of each item and reducing the overall environmental impact of clothes.


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While we are in the midst of going through the global pandemic situation, we believe NOW is the perfect time for us to transform our consumption behaviour from owning garments to accessing them for a limited usage time. 

Our main goal

In Wearout, one of our main goals is to identify the actual lifespan of each garment while we ensure to provide the best possible care in the most sustainable way. This unique approach ensures that each garment must be thoroughly used until its last day - where the quality of clothing is at its lowest and ready to be recycled or properly disposed of.

Usage is the Most Important Phase to Us

Wearout’s goal is to highlight the importance of fashion in terms of expressing ourselves as unique individuals by renting clothing in a sustainable manner, instead of owning clothes. For us, the act of consumption and tracking the duration of each piece of clothing have a significant positive impact on the future of our planet.


Tracking Durability of Items 

How long would be the maximum lifespan of our clothing? 

We are starting to gather experimental data about how to transfer the usability and longevity of clothes to a valid and acceptable percentage of the life cycle for each item; this fact can give our audience accurate data to be more aware of their choices and their impact. This research will happen through tracking every item's journey and understanding based on their material the quality of tailoring and other indicators.


These data can guide us to have a maximum usage of garments and increase the lifespan of items

Calculate the Carbon Footprint 

How do we communicate the impact our users make in a more clear and valuable way?

We are all aware that so far, the carbon footprint emission has been something unmeasurable, and there are no accurate and precise statistics to measure it. However, our plan is to translate our impact to something measurable and tangible for our customers. We believe that being transparent with our environmental impact of our daily choices can change our consumption behaviour for the better. Therefore, how can we compare the data to something more tangible and understandable for our customers? 

 We believe that collaborating with companies in the same niche sector will help to bring us the precise measurement of the positive and negative impact of each item of clothing.


How can we help you transform a wise decision into a daily habit?

Gamify the whole process and define long-term goals, and reward users with coins and stars based on the level of their positive impact and consumption behaviour. Rewards are the best way to incentivise our users to commit to sustainable renting of clothes, which motivates them to follow the sustainable path long-term. 

 Our customer-centric approach to research aims to explore and improve our rewards plan to fully support our users’ needs and put them at the heart of our decisions.

 We believe the real Wearout customers, who have decided to share clothing, have a high level of environmental awareness which encourages them to incorporate their sustainability knowledge in every aspect of their lives. Wearout shares more educational eco-tips and ideas on the app to encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle in other aspects of their lives.

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